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With the success of ‘Stargazing Live’ and the finding of a new planet by Chris Homes from Peterborough, I have uploaded some space themed activities I wrote for a year 5 class I taught a few years ago.

I have uploaded smartbord files accompanying these activities to the tes website.

  • Planet information gap

Information gap activities require children to work in pairs and share information verbally.

  • Planetary Routes 
  • Distance from the moon and diameter of the Earth (mysteries for 4)

  • Interplanetary football
  • Sum and difference rockets

I used this template explore the relationship between to the sum and difference between two numbers. When these two values are added, the number in the cone of the rocket is always twice the bigger number on the bottom. We continued to explore this by questions such as:

  • I think of 2 numbers.
  • When I add them, I get _____, one is ______ more than the other.
  • What are the two numbers?

We then explored why this is the case using paper strips, before moving into the realms of algebra.

  • Planet sequences
  • Planet Polypod (zids and zods)


  • Moons of Vuv
  • Four Planets
  • Word Problems

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