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Finding Rules and Describing Patterns Progression and Activities

A while ago, some draft materials were produced that looked at the progression in finding rules and describing patterns.  The birthday candles problem fits in well with the consecutive number activities discussed in the challenging more able children post.

Because I am interested in trying to develop problem solving right across the school, I used the primary framework for mathematics to support teachers at school get a better understanding of progression by pulling out examples for each year group. I then produced a document that linked the progression documents to guidance materials and activities.

The result is a series of word documents that hyperlink to smartboard files, worksheets and interactive teaching materials to help plan and teach maths in a more systematic way throughout school.

Here is the document I produced to support teachers with finding rules and describing patterns.If you click on the picture, you will access the full document, however the hyperlinks won’t work. You need to click here, then download the complete zipped file.

To download the zipfile, click here (Mediafire) or here (4share):

If you do download the zipfile, be patient it takes a while. You will need to unzip it, open the folder and locate the word document: LT patterns, sequences and rules. Everything hyperlinks from there.

I have attached a step by step guide for unzipping the folder. click here

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Christmas puzzles

We have finished our ‘How to train your dragon’ topic and have turned our attention to Christmas. I have put together some maths puzzles to end the term, which revisit all the puzzles the children have been introduced to over the term. (Click on the pictures to access the puzzles)

  • 12 Days of Christmas

  • Mazes

  • Presents

  • Wangdoodles

I have added simple, whole pound examples, and more difficult decimal examples. Children in my class are in transition between guess and test strategy and more systematic tick chart method explained in the draft logic problem materials for kieran’s cats.

Shape puzzles


  • Maisie Mouse

  • Zids and Zods

  • Nicknames

I have also uploaded Christmas themed digit cards, which can be use to solve problems such as magic square puzzles, card sharp puzzles, e.g.

You can also access smartboard files and further ideas and activities linked to digit cards here.

Year 2 activities:

Year 4 activities:

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